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At we strive to give you great betting bonuses in the UK. We work hard to get attractive betting bonus offers that are better than the standard offers on the websites giving you as a player. The team behind has years of experience of sports betting both being players and working within the industry. Here you will find daily sport tips, where to play and how to bet. Being a professional sports better is not easy. You need to have full control of your emotions and make very careful calculations before each game. Everything is about risk versus investment. We see there is no difference in sports betting and playing the stock market. That’s why all our bets posted on the site has been carefully considered before recommending them to you.

There are a few rules that you need to follow when placing your sport bets, and if you are serious in making a living out of online gaming there are a few things that are good to know before getting started.

All About Betting Bonus

It’s important that you have an account at all major online companies. The bookies are competing against each other with providing great odds for each particular game. Always place the bet at the high odds. You might think there is no difference between 2 and 2.10 in odds on one singe game which it is not. But if you take it into consideration on 1000 games there is a lot of money you are loosing out on if you do not play great odds for the time being. Also with having accounts at several bookies you will get a lot more betting bonus offers to take part of. Don’t underestimate the power of betting bonus offers and campaigns that the bookies give out. Be careful that you play the correct betting bonuses though so you don’t get stuck in ridiculous wagering requirements with huge odds to meet in order to clear the betting bonus offers. We compare all the odds for every big game via so you easily can navigate to your account and get the great value for your sports betting. We only recommend bookies that we play at ourselves and that have simple and easy bonus Terms and Conditions. We do not accept any money from online gaming companies to get better listings, completely independent so that we can give you the great quality of sport tips and betting bonus offers.

Play at Several Betting Bookies

There are a lot of betting bonus offers out there to choose between. If you are new to sports betting, we suggest you start with playing one that work your way through the jungle. Most common betting bonus is 100% on your deposit up to £50 or £100 to start with. Make sure you always read the Terms and Conditions of each and every betting bonus to play them accordingly. Usually there is around 5X – 10X wagering requirement bonus and it is always a minimum odds you need to meed in order for the bet to count towards the wagering requirement. All bonuses will have an wagering requirement on both your deposit and betting bonus so make sure you know exactly which game you are going to bet on before making your deposit.

Not Just First Deposit Bonuses

As a sports betting player you will get bonuses frequently from the different companies. That’s why it is important to have an account at almost all bookies. If you are in it for the long run these betting bonuses might be the difference between being a long term winning or loosing player. For each bonus it is crucial that you read the Terms and Conditions as they can differ from bonus to bonus. Many bookies also hold campaigns which is based on biggest winner or winner of highest odds. All these can be worth playing but we usually stick to those campaigns where you only need to bet on one maximum two games at a time. Betting tipples and quadruples can very often be pretty volatile and you usually goes empty handed when playing these as anything can happen in sports. This we all know for a fact.

Usually the reload betting bonuses are not as aggressive as the first deposit bonus, but that does not mean that they are not worth playing.

Our Latest Betting Bonus Tips

These are the latest sport bets that we have played. You will be able to follow our ROI each week through the tab in the menu.

Great Bookie in UK

We can’t really decide on one bookie since they are so different from each other and all of them give different odds on each game. All of them has different strengths and weaknesses. We have listed below the ones we find ourselves most often playing at, and it is not strange that you recognise them as the biggest operators in the UK as well. Both Paddy Power and Bet365 is high on the list for the fact that they have big markets and the great odds. Only thing we feel is a negative with these two is that they limit your max bet as soon as you are a winning player. At these online bookies you will also have the biggest library of streamed games so that you can follow your sports bet live and safe up your bet if you feel like there is going to be a change in the tide.

Popular Bets for Sportsbetting

Usually the most popular sports markets are Soccer, Basket, Icehockey and Tennis. This is also where we find making the most money out of our sports bet. It is no coincidence that these markets are the most played as it is the most popular sports in Europe as well. Soccer is the all time biggest sport when it comes to betting online. We make most of our bets in Ice hockey and Tennis as thats where our expertise lies. Soccer can be a bit volatile as these games can often be dependant on home course or not, and also the pure will of the players if they want to win or not.